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Aabaco/Yahoo Transition Service

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(Price per store. Here is why.) With Yahoo Small Business' changing to Luminate Aabaco, all of the Yahoo domain names used in current and former Yahoo Stores will change. These include the URL of the shopping cart, files library, search page and potentially many more. In order to facilitate a smooth transition to the new domain structure, Yahoo / Aabaco will have automatic redirects in place for all of these affected domain names, so you should notice no changes in the time immediately following the spin-off. While these automatic redirects will remain in place for some time into the future, eventually these redirects will be retired, by which time all hard-coded references to the Yahoo domain names should be replaced with the updated Aabaco domain names.

No immediate action on your part is required, but sooner than later after the spin-off you should have your site checked and all hard-coded Yahoo domain names should be changed. With our Aabaco Transition Service we offer the following:

  • Scan all of your store templates and change all Yahoo domain names.
  • Scan your catalog and update all Yahoo domain names if found. Please note, we will only be able to do this for stores that have Catalog Manager enabled.
  • Check all variables and update the Yahoo domain names as necessary.
  • Check all checkout pages and update the Yahoo domain names as necessary.
  • Check and update all CSS and JavaScript files hosted on your site and make the necessary domain name changes. * Please note that we won't be able to change any such files that are hosted by a third party, but we will point them out to you.
  • We will not be able to scan and check anything hosted on your Web hosting account, such as a blog, for example.

We anticipate a more than usual rush soon after the spin-off, so be sure to reserve your spot so we can check and adjust your store as necessary. We'll be performing this service on a first-come-first-served basis.

Questions & Answers about Aabaco/Yahoo Transition Service

I have multiple Yahoo Stores. Is the charge per store?
Yes, this has to be done per store, as it's not something that can be done in one store and then be "copied over" to another. Each store will have to be evaluated and done on its own.

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